Programme for 21 November

Eric Moulder formed the group just over a decade ago with the aim of bringing a fresh and energetic approach to the popular dance and ballad repertoire of the late renaissance period.  

The members of Piva have wide and diverse musical backgrounds and between them they have experience in playing renaissance, jazz, classical, baroque, folk and roots music.  They bring all of these diverse musical influences  together and fuse them with their knowledge of renaissance music and instruments.  The result is a cohesive approach and attitude towards the renaissance repertoire: Piva’s aim is to be faithful to the music of the period whilst adding their own innovative arrangements and interpretations.  

All members of the group are multi-instrumentalists - playing up to 40 different instruments at a gig!

Not only do Piva play the instruments - they also make them!  Three members of Piva are professional instrument makers. 

PIVA - Eric Moulder

Eric Moulder

Piva’s founder and director of music.

Eric’s passion for early music was inspired by the late David Munrow amongst others. He has been an early woodwind player for many years and has performed with a number of ensembles. His particular interest in the music of the late renaissance, especially the often overlooked dance repertoire, led him to form Piva in 2002.

He is an internationally renowned maker and researcher in the field of historic woodwind instruments from the Renaissance period. He provides many of the instruments played by the group and is responsible for creating many of the musical arrangements.

Eric plays curtal, bagpipes, recorder, shawm, rauschpfeife and crumhorn.

Piva - Anne Wride

Anne Wride

Anne has been involved in music all her life - and has played in professional orchestras and chamber groups as well as Baroque ensembles and folk groups. Her love of traditional music has led her to research 17th & 18th century music from Cheshire and Lancashire.

She has just started her own business making beautiful wooden boxes for flutes, recorders and reeds.

Anne plays violin, viol, recorder, crumhorn, rauschpfeife and percussion. 

Piva - Tony Millyard

Tony Millyard

Tony has been playing early music and folk music for many years and once fronted a folk rock band. He has even played Northumbrian Smallpipes for a Border Morris troupe. Nowadays, he has a growing reputation as a wooden flute maker and, in partnership with Eric, makes baroque bassoons.

Tony plays hurdy gurdy, recorder, bagpipes, curtal, rauschpfeife, crumhorn, renaissance guitar and percussion.

Piva - Jude Rees

Jude Rees

The newest member of Piva, Jude is a professional oboist with extensive experience in classical, folk, contemporary and early music. A music teacher and freelance musician, she also plays regularly with Blast from the Past. Jude also works with Past Pleasures in various historic settings.

In Piva, Jude plays bagpipes, shawm, recorder and rauschpfeife.

Piva - Jane Moulder

Jane Moulder

Jane has a long held love for traditional and early music and has been actively playing with various groups for too many years to mention! The resident bookworm of the group, she is a researcher into music and manners of the 14th to 18th Centuries. With Eric, she researches and develops Piva’s repertoire and performance programmes.

Jane runs Piper’s Publishing and has edited and published a number of historical music books.  Jane also works with Eric making historical woodwind instruments. She plays various bagpipes, recorders, renaissance flute, crumhorns, rauschpfeifen, shawm and curtal.

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